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Blockchain and the dappy name system

There are concepts you may want to understand first (but you can also skip).

What is a domain name in the dappy name system ?

A domain name in the dappy name system is a non-fungible asset (like an NFT) that is controlled by a private/public key pair, and nothing else. You are probably familiar with images as NFT, in reality you can associate any data you want with a NFT. The core property of a NFT is in reality it's unique identifier. NFTs in the dappy name system have a unique ID, they are identified by a string with only a-z0-9 characters.

How should I pay for a domain name ? And how much ?

There is a fixed price, same for everyone for having a domain name in the dappy name system. Nevertheless it may vary over time, the companies that secure the dappy network can decide to change it based on insights or strategic choices.

Right now dappy uses a simple blockchain protocol, therefore only fiat exists as a gateway to get a domain on (credit card + PDF invoice). When dappy switches to a viable layer 1 blockchain platform, or stable coins, people will be able to purchase directly with cryptocurrency.

If I have a TLD why is there a .d at the end ?

It does not matter that much if we call hello.d a TLD or second level domain. The .d at the end of domain names in dappy is a visual indicator that we are dealing with no-DNS dappy domain names, there is a philosophy behind .d domains. In dappy there is no corporation that unilaterally manages or stores the domain (like Verisign for .com for example), therefore we can call hello.d a TLD.

How do you deal with famous brands like apple and amazon ?

There is a list of reserved domain names based on 10.000+ top level domains, top second level domains and top brands. The dappy network will make sure that only legitimate owners gain access to the domain names that are reserved.